Top 10 Foods For Weight Loss | What To Eat To Lose Belly Fat

Obesity or gaining additional weight has become a common problem in our everyday life. People spend a lot of money and time to lose weight. Some of them become successful and some fails.

However, if you try the top 10 foods for weight loss, you may get a steady result without wasting much more energy. Here we have covered the best foods for losing fat without much effort.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can fulfill the criteria if you want an excellent option to lose weight at home without exercise. Chia seeds are packed with dietary fiber and protein and both of these nutrients help you to burn more fat.

It is established fact that the consumption of high dietary fiber promotes weight loss (1). Also, another study has shown that the intake of protein-rich foods can cause visible body weight reductions within six months (2).

On the other hand, A 100-gram serving of dried chia seeds contains 34.4 grams of dietary fiber and 16.5 grams of protein (3). This adequate amount of fiber and protein in chia seeds triggers a weight loss mechanism.


Almonds are probably the best nut for steady fat loss. Like chia seeds, almonds are packed with dietary fiber and protein. These two nutrients make almonds among the best weight-reduction nuts.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are widely used throughout the world to control weight gain. This delicious nut is a good source of protein and fiber which makes it a perfect choice for weight losers.

Brazil nuts can be consumed with almonds in breakfast to get the best result within a short period of time.

Macadamia Nuts

The presence of high dietary fiber and protein component in macadamia nuts reduce your hunger. Because of this, the consumption of macadamia nuts can help you to take fewer foods which indirectly promotes weight loss.


Like protein and dietary fiber, intake of low-carb foods also promotes fat burning in the body. Studies have shown that Carb-restricted diet plans can decrease body weight (4).

On the other hand, avocado fulfills all of these criteria which makes it one of the best low-carb fruit for losing weight. Regular consumption of avocadoes promotes weight loss.


Watermelon contains 90 percent of water which helps to reduce cravings for foods. Moreover, watermelon provides adequate fiber and protein. Because of these, watermelon is a good option for regular fat burning.


Arugula is a favorite vegetable of many people because of its high nutrient composition. However, arugula is also a great option for your fat-burning diet plan. In fact, it is one of the best carb-restricted vegetables which promotes weight loss.


The promotion of a weight loss mechanism is one of the major benefits of asparagus. Like other healthy vegetables, it is packed with dietary fiber which helps you to burn more fat rapidly.

2 Bonus Starbucks Drinks For Weight Loss

If you are a Starbucks lover you should be health cautious also. Here we have filtered the two best Starbucks drinks that aid in weight loss.

Iced Black Tea

Iced black tea contains zero calories. That’s why drinking this black tea from Starbucks will not cause any weight gain. As calorie consumption is inversely related to weight gain, this zero-calorie drink will help you to lose weight.

Earl Grey Tea

The calorie-free composition of earl grey tea can aid in losing weight. If you are looking for a good Starbucks drink for fat burning you should take a sip at earl grey tea to get its benefits.