Best Nuts For Keto Weight Loss(2022 Guide)

Obesity or continuous weight gain is a major problem throughout the world. It is a major contributor to several deadly diseases like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

However, obesity can be controlled by using nutrient-dense organic foods. Nuts are one of the best sources of essential nutrients which help to reduce weight.

On the other hand, people often go for the keto diet, a low-carb diet plan to get rid of obesity. The Keto diet contains healthy organic foods like vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, and nuts.

Here, we will look for the best keto nuts that aid in healthy weight loss.

How Keto Nuts Promotes Weight Loss?

Keto nuts are low in carbs and high in essential nutrients like fiber, protein, and calcium. Dietary intake of all these nutrients has benefits for weight control.

Studies have shown that both high fiber and carb-restricted foods boost weight loss drive (1, 2). Moreover, the majority of keto nuts are a great source of protein and calcium.

According to studies intake of protein-rich foods can cause near about 4 kgs of weight loss within six months (3). Another research claimed that consumption of high dietary calcium may have a beneficial effect on obesity control (4).

Furthermore, ketogenic nuts contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All of these micronutrients protect the body from any harmful side effects during weight loss.

Also, there is another reason which causes obesity. It is high in some kind of saturated fat. Saturated fat rich(SFA) foods especially medium-chain SFA are notorious for obesity or gaining weight (5).

As ketogenic nuts contain a little amount of saturated fat, consumption of these nuts does not cause weight gain.

That’s why keto-friendly nuts are widely used for steady and healthy weight loss.

So, What Are The Best Nuts For Keto Weight Loss

The best keto nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients. All of these nuts fulfills the nutrition criteria for weight loss i.e

  • Low in carbs and saturated fatty acids
  • High in fiber, protein, and calcium

Let’s check the list of best keto-friendly nuts for weight loss.


Ketogenic almond is considered the best nut for steady weight loss. This healthy nut contains a little number of carbs but it is high in fiber, protein, and calcium.

This nut is widely used in several ketogenic recipes like nut mix, cakes, and smoothies. A controlled intake of almond-rich low carb recipes promotes healthy weight loss.


Peanut is probably the most popular nut for keto lovers. Like almonds, the low-carb peanut is also a great source of fiber, calcium, and protein.

However, the most used byproduct of peanut aka peanut butter is well known for gaining weight. So, if you are going for nut butter like peanut butter, you should limit the consumption.

Brazil nuts

Keto brazil nuts are used in multiple keto side dishes. This healthy nut can aid in your weight loss journey.

Brazil nuts are a good source of protein and fiber. This duo combination boosts the weight loss journey along with the calcium and low-carb components.


Hazelnuts are delicious low-carb nuts to consume for a healthy weight loss. The high fiber formula of hazelnut helps a steady weight loss.

Moreover, the calcium and protein components of this keto-friendly nut speed up the weight loss journey.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients promote a healthy weight loss formula.

Like, other ketogenic nuts, macadamia nuts are also low in carbs and high in fiber. Also, the calcium and protein nutrient of this nut aids in quick weight loss.

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Pecan nuts are a good source of dietary fiber and protein. Although pecan nuts contain a little calcium it is beneficial for weight loss because of other nutrients.

Pili nuts

With a little number of carbs, pili nuts are able to maintain the weight loss drive. Moreover, pili nuts contain a high amount of protein and calcium.

Also, it is low in saturated fat, which is another added benefit for steady weight loss.

How Many Nuts Can I Eat Per Day For Weight Loss?

Although keto nuts contain all of the essential nutrients for weight loss, these nuts are rich in calories also. The primary criteria for weight loss are the maintenance of calories.

If you are not able to maintain the calorie intake, consumption of nuts can do the opposite or weight gain.

That’s why you should not consume any more than 100 calories from nuts per day. Otherwise, it may cause calorie overload aka weight gain.

What Is The Best Time to Eat Nuts?

You can consume nuts with your meals without any problems. Just maintain the calorie balance of nuts to achieve the best result.

Nuts can be consumed with smoothies, nut mixes, cakes, or muffins. Also, consumption of any single roasted nut is beneficial for weight maintenance on keto.

Final Thoughts

The Keto diet is a healthy and popular diet plan. This diet plan contains low-carb organic foods. Nuts are among them.

Nutrient-dense nuts can be eaten carefully to get an obesity-free life. The high fiber, calcium, and protein nutrients of low-carb nuts aid in steady weight loss.