17 Best Keto Nuts & Seeds For 2022

Several low-carb ketogenic nuts and seeds contain vitamins, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. These are considered keto nuts and seeds.

The keto-friendly nuts and seeds help our body from several diseases. Regular eating of these nutritious foods speeds up your weight loss journey.


Almonds are highly nutritious nuts. Almond contains healthy fiber, protein, vitamin E, vitamin B12, copper, and magnesium.

The antioxidants present in this ketogenic fruit prevent cell damage. It also helps the quick recovery of cancer cells (1).

The low carb and healthy fat nut have several other health benefits. Almonds boost our weight loss drive and also the low carb formula checks blood sugar. That’s why this ketogenic nut is very helpful for diabetes.

The keto-friendly almond butter, almond flour, and almond milk are prepared from almonds. Almond milk is used for a breakfast smoothie.

The delicious ketogenic almond bread is made from almond flour. Almond cake is another food to use as a healthy snack.

Roasted almonds are considered a perfect snack to eat. Also, check the recent study on almond milk benefits for skin for more detailed info.

Brazil Nuts

Daily consumption of brazil nuts keeps you healthy. This keto-friendly nut is packed with daily required vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The healthy fat of this nut speeds up ketosis and weight loss. It also improves heart health. Brazil nuts contain selenium which prevents cancer and heart disease.

The selenium also prevents infertility and thyroid gland problems.

The two most common ketogenic recipes are brazil nut cake and brazil nut cookie. These are great for off-time keto snacks.

Delicious chocolate smoothie is made from brazil nut milk. The milk is highly nutritious and healthy.

Only one single brazil nut fulfills the daily selenium limit of an adult. Too much selenium can cause skin rashes and nervous system disorders.

Chia Seeds

Chia seed contains only 0.4g net carbs per serving of 100g. The low-carb of chia seeds reduces appetite and as a result, it promotes healthy weight loss.

The choline nutrient of chia seed improves liver function. It is also useful for healthy brain development and an active nervous system (2).

Chia seeds also contain vitamin C which strengthens the base of teeth and bones. Vitamin C prevents scurvy disease.

The awesome keto-friendly chia pudding is prepared from chia seeds. It’s an excellent dessert to eat for dinner.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are well known for their delicious flax egg recipe. You can eat this keto-friendly food for breakfast. Flax seeds can replace oil in baked recipes also.

The low-carb and high-fiber of flax seeds keep us full after eating. Because of this flax seeds are very useful for weight loss.

The omega-3 of this seed checks our cholesterol level. It can prevent several heart-related issues also.

Flax contains 8x more lignans than other seeds. The lignans can prevent cancer, especially breast cancer. Lignans also lower the risk of heart disease and menopausal issues.

You can swirl flax seeds in your smoothies. Flax seeds can also be added to granola to boost its health benefits and make the drink tasty.


Many delicious keto recipes use hazelnuts, especially in desserts. Cake and cookies prepared from hazelnuts keep maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Hazelnuts are used to prepare gluten-free hazelnut flour. It can replace wheat flour. The cakes and cookies prepared with this flour are good for a low-carb diet.

The highly nutritious hazelnut milk is also a by-product of this nut. The milk is sweet and full of vitamin E. It prevents cardiovascular problems.

The dietary fiber of ketogenic hazelnut promotes smooth bowel movement. It also helps to prevent obesity and support weight loss.

Hazelnuts also improve insulin sensitivity. Hazelnut is a safe nut for diabetics. It lowers cholesterol levels and maintains good heart health.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are nutritious ketogenic seeds that have several health benefits. Hemp seeds are a good source of amino acids. This saves from sudden heart attacks and reduces mortality.

Hemp oils are prepared from hemp seeds. The oil is helpful for skin health because of its high omega-3 nutrients.

The lignans of hemp seeds can regulate menopause. The healthy fiber of these keto seeds improve gut health and lowers blood sugar level for diabetics.

The three main by-products of hemp seeds are hemp milk, hemp flour, and hemp oil. Chocolate hemp milk is a delicious treat and keto smoothie.

Hemp flour contains healthy vitamins A, B, D, E, calcium, zinc, iron, etc. These have several health benefits.

Several tasty keto snacks like hemp cake, and hemp cookies are prepared with this flour. This flour is also used to make keto-friendly hemp bread.

Hemp oil can replace other oils during baking.

Macadamia Nuts

The delicious white chocolate cookies are prepared with macadamia nuts. It’s a power-packed and nutritious keto snacks recipe.

The healthy fats of these seeds help to recover from heart diseases. It also lowers blood sugar levels which helps people with diabetes (3).

Macadamia nuts contain healthy antioxidants. These antioxidants protect from brain diseases. It also helps to prevent cancers.

As macadamia nuts are keto or low carb food, it speeds up weight loss. The fiber of this nut also improves gut health and prevents gastrointestinal diseases.

Macadamia nuts are used in granola and smoothies. Healthy macadamia milk is prepared from this nut. The gluten-free spinach-banana smoothie also contains macadamia milk.


Peanut is not a nut but it comes from a legume family. Roasted peanuts are used in desserts and snacks, especially in cakes, biscuits, and cookies.

It is also used to make peanut sauce which is a keto-friendly sauce.

The world-famous peanut butter is prepared from peanuts. Tasty peanut butter and peanut milk are byproducts of this ketogenic legume.

Peanut butter smoothies with peanut butter biscuits are good options for keto breakfast. Peanut butter is the most common ingredient in keto recipes.

The low-carb and high-protein of peanuts fasten weight loss. Because of this low-carb peanuts have a low glycemic index(GI) value. This low value checks diabetes and insulin level.

Aside from these peanuts are biotin and folate-rich. These two vitamins help during pregnancy. The iron present in peanuts provides good heart health.


Pecans contain healthy monosaturated fat. The monosaturated fat increases HDL or good cholesterol and decreases LDL. This HDL improves heart health.

The fiber-packed pecans improve colon health and reduce constipation. It promotes bowel movement. This ketogenic nut helps to lose weight fast.

Pecans are rich in magnesium. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory benefits. Because of this pecans reduces the risk of arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

The oleic acid of pecans reduces the risk of breast cancer. The vitamin B6 and folate of this ketogenic fruit also boost metabolism.

Pecans are vitamin A, E, zinc, and phosphorous. These healthy vitamins and minerals provide glowing skin and promote hair health.

Several tasty ketogenic recipes are made with pecans. The butter pecan cake and pecan meatballs are considered good snacks.

Pecan cheese sandwiches and pecan cucumber salads are perfect keto meals. Pecan ice cream is a delicious dessert to eat after dinner.

Pili Nuts

Several keto desserts and snacks are prepared with pili nuts. Pili nut cakes and fat bombs can be eaten as snacks.

Pili nut with chocolate brownie is a delicious low-carb dessert. This ketogenic nut is also the main ingredient of iced pili coffee smoothies.

Almost one-third of recipes for coconut and honey use pili nuts. Pili nuts can be eaten both raw and roasted. The roasted pili nuts are used as the top of several dishes to make it yummy.

Pili nuts are an excellent source of magnesium which improves bone health. Magnesium also reduces blood glucose levels and helps diabetics to control their disease.

The monosaturated fatty acids make pili nuts heart-friendly. It reduces the chances of stroke.

The vitamin B of this nut also helps metabolism and energy generation and makes this athlete-friendly.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are actually nutritious keto-friendly seeds. Pine nuts contain protein, iron, vitamin K, E, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and zinc.

The zinc maintains healthy hormone function and monitors enzyme activities. Magnesium decreases anxiety problems and boosts heart health.

The irons increase the count of red blood cells by generating more hemoglobin. It prevents anemia. Iron is beneficial for brain health also.

Pine nuts are good for diabetics because of magnesium. Magnesium helps to improve insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes.

The antioxidants of pine nuts slow down aging and improve eye health.

Pine nut butter and pine nut oil are made from this seed. Pine nut oil is used to generate the flavor of cooked foods. It’s also used as body oil for skin disease prevention.

Top-rated keto cookies, sauce, and cakes use pine nut butter. These snacks and sauces are awesome and creamy.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds and oils prepared from these seeds have numerous health benefits. The manganese-rich fruit helps faster blood clotting and strengthens bone.

The monosaturated fats of poppy seeds boost skin health. It also prevents coronary diseases and strengthens the heart.

Poppy seeds contain fiber which helps to check gastrointestinal problems. That’s why it’s good for stomach pain, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

The low-carb seed speeds up the ketosis process. Because of this, it prevents weight gain.

Several ketogenic dishes contain poppy seeds. One of the most important and healthy snacks is poppy seed cake. It’s a gluten-free diet.

Poppyseed muffins and lemon poppy seed cookies are famous also. Poppyseed chicken is a healthy meal to eat.

The net carbs of the 16 best ketogenic seeds and 1 to avoid on keto-friendly diet are given below

  1. Almonds: It has 4.3g net carbs per 100g serving.
  2. Brazil Nuts: Contains 2.2g net carbs against 100g serving.
  3. Cashews: You should avoid this as it contains 21.8g net carbs per 100g serving.
  4. Chia Seeds: 100g serving contains only 0.4g net carb.
  5. Flax Seeds: One Serving size of 100g have  0.4g net carb.
  6. Hazelnuts: 3g net carbs per serving(100g serving size).
  7. Hemp Seeds: 0g net carb against 100g serving size.
  8. Macadamia Nuts: Contains 0.8g net carb per serving of 100g.
  9. Peanuts: 100g serving bowl have only 2.8g net carbs.
  10. Pecans: 0.4g net carb per serving(100g serving size).
  11. Pili Nuts: It has 4g net carbs against 100g serving.
  12. Pine Nuts: Contains 5.7g net carbs per 100g serving.
  13. Poppy Seeds: 5g net carbs per serving of 100g.
  14. Pumpkin Seeds: Each serving of 100g have 7.2g net carbs.
  15. Sesame Seeds: 0g net carb against 100g serving size.
  16. Sunflower Seeds: It has 6.7g net carbs per 100g serving.
  17. Walnuts: 4.7g net carbs per serving(100g serving size).

FAQ of Keto Nuts & Seeds

Is there folic acid in keto nut clusters?

Folic acid and folate are not the same. Folate is present in several nutrient keto nuts. It is nothing but vitamin B9.

Folic acid is a human-made supplement that is used in foods. Folic acid is easy to digest.

The three most common keto nut clusters are the almond cluster, peanut cluster, and keto macadamia cluster.

The Almond cluster has 3 ingredients: almond flour, unsweetened chocolate, and sea salt. None of these contains folic acid.

Peanut butter cluster is prepared using peanut butter, salted peanuts, and sugar-free chocolate. Again these ingredients are folic acid-free.

Keto macadamia cluster is made of macadamia nuts, keto chocolate, and sea salt. These are also folic acid-free.

So keto nut clusters do not contain folic acid.

What happens if I eat a lot of macadamia nuts in a day on keto?

Macadamia nuts contain a large amount of dietary fiber(8.6g) per 100g serving (4). Excess eating of fiber-rich macadamia nuts may create the following health issues:-

Bowel movement problems
Abdominal pain
Weight gain

Macadamia nuts are also full of calories. You will get 718 calories from 100 g serving. It’s huge and may create several health issues like brain cell damage, gas, bloating, weight gain, cancer cell formation.

A healthy keto diet suggests a daily 800-1200 calorie intake. Excess eating of macadamia nuts will break it which is not recommended.

How many oz of nuts are allowed in keto diet? 

Keto nut consumption limitations vary as different nuts have different nutrient values. Excess consumption of these nutrients may cause reverse effects in your body.

The standard keto diet suggests a 30g net carbs intake per day. Considering the fact you can eat 1 0z of any single low carb keto nuts like pecan, macadamia, and brazil nut per day.

If you go for high carb nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnut, pine, or hazelnut then you should consume 0.5 oz per day.

Remember to consider any particular nut to avoid adverse effects.