Keto With High Blood Pressure 7 Unknown Facts

High blood pressure has become a global issue nowadays. Scientists have shown that some dietary patterns can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

DASH diet is the top performer here (1). But keto lovers don’t be saddened here, you can still continue keto with high blood pressure.

Here we will show you a flawless keto with high blood pressure diet plan. This diet plan will not dissatisfy you.

Can I do keto with high blood pressure?

Yes, you can do keto with high blood pressure. Scientific studies have shown that low carb diet also lowers high blood pressure (2).

As the keto diet contains all low carb foods, you can do keto without any issue. However, foods with high saturated fat can increase blood pressure levels (3).

So, you should check the nutrient values of high fat keto diet. If the food contains high saturated fat, avoid it.

How to start keto with high blood pressure?

You need to make a perfect keto meal plan if you have high blood pressure. Actually, it is not that difficult to start keto with high blood pressure.

Just you have to avoid processed foods. Also, you should be careful before consuming high saturated fat foods.

Both of these two types of foods can boost blood pressure levels. We suggest you start with a vegan keto diet plan first.

After 2-3 days you can eat lean meat, eggs, and poultry. If you observe that your blood pressure is not rising, you should continue this diet plan.

Keto diet plan for high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure have several food restrictions. A planned keto diet plan can be beneficial for them.

Here is a perfect keto diet plan for people with high blood pressure.

Day 1




  • Avocado fries
  • Spinach, kale salad
  • Mixed nuts(peanut, walnut, macadamia nuts)

Day 2




Day 3




Bonus tip

Try to add tomato to all of these recipes. Recent studies suggest that tomato is helpful to reduce blood sugar levels (4).

Foods to avoid with high blood pressure

Foods with high sodium should be avoided with high blood pressure. Red meat and canned seafood are the most common keto foods to avoid with high blood pressure.

These foods contain high sodium which causes high blood pressure. Instead of these, you can consume more vegetables, fruits & nuts.

You may bypass two more foods also. All coconut-related products and soy should be avoided if you have high blood pressure.

Also, there is a myth that egg boosts blood sugar. It’s not true. You should eat eggs without any hesitation. Eggs do not affect systolic and diastolic blood pressure (5).

One final point to remember is that potassium-rich and high-fiber foods can reduce your blood pressure levels. So, you should try to eat more keto foods of these types.

Is low carb diet good for high blood pressure?

According to scientific studies, high carb foods increase blood glucose levels. On the other hand, low carb foods with high fiber are helpful for the reduction of blood sugar.

So, yes low carb diet is good for high blood pressure. However, you should choose low carb foods with high fiber only.

If the diet is only low in carbs and contains a little fiber then it is not useful for high blood pressure.

Is high fat diet good for high blood pressure?

High fat foods with less saturated and trans fat are good for high blood pressure. Processed foods, red meats, and canned seafood contain a high amount of saturated fat.

Green vegetables high in fat are the best option for high blood pressure. You can eat limited high fat nuts also.

Before consuming high fat diet you must check their nutrition levels. If these are high in saturated or trans fat, you should immediately stop eating.

Why does blood pressure drop on keto diet?

Most of the foods of the keto diet are high in protein and contain low carbs. These two components are responsible for blood pressure reduction.

That’s why blood pressure drops on the keto diet. Actually high fiber and low carbs have a positive impact on systolic and diastolic blood pressure (6).

Final Thoughts

The Keto diet and DASH diet are the two most suitable meal plans for controlling high blood pressure.

DASH diet is specially prepared by scientists. Although the DASH diet is more effective for controlling high blood pressure, a planned keto diet can do the same.

Sodium is the main culprit behind high blood pressure. Processed foods, canned seafood, and red meat are high in sodium.

To get rid of this high sodium issue you should only follow clean keto. As it does not promote processed foods like dirty keto.

Just you need to be a little bit cautious and boom. You can eat freely on keto with high blood pressure.

All tensions are gone. Also, remember to add tomatoes always. Tomato is a gem for blood sugar reduction. It’s a high blood sugar killer food.