Why Keto Diet Not Safe For Gallbladder(Detailed Analysis)

Is the keto diet safe for the gallbladder?

The keto diet is high fat and low carb diet. According to scientific research, a high fat diet may create gallbladder problems by increasing biliary cholesterol (1).

That’s why the keto diet is not 100% safe for people who have gallbladder problems. A high-fat diet may increase cholesterol levels in the bile.

Bile is produced by the gallbladder to digest foods. Excess cholesterol of high fat diets slows down the digestion process and may create gallstones.

Moreover, the majority of keto diets are cholesterol-rich. It can increase liver cholesterol levels also.

Furthermore, obesity is a common trigger of gallstones. Studies have shown that excess consumption of high fat foods may increase the chance of obesity (2).

Can the keto diet cause gallstones?

Yes, the keto diet causes gallstones. Excess cholesterol produced by high fat keto diets is the main culprit behind gallstones.

Also, high fat diets promote obesity, another reason behind gallstone.

Another reason is the increasing number of fatty acids entering the tricarboxylic acid cycle. Also, other components of fat such as triglycerides and monounsaturated fats also enter this process.

Actually, there are several possible reasons why gallstones might happen. First of all, high fat foods increase LDL subclasses.

There can be an effect that changes their density or how much lipid gets into them. The second is as more people consume higher quantities from sources containing fat like ketogenic almond butter and MCT oils.

Can the keto diet cause gallstone pain?

Bile is the main component of food digestion. Keto diets are fat rich which boosts cholesterol levels in bile. This hampers the digestion process.

Because of this, our gallbladder is unable to digest the excess cholesterol of fat rich foods. Which in turn converts to gallstones in the future.

This is a time-consuming process. In the meantime, you will feel pain in your gallbladder because of this undigested cholesterol.

Furthermore, studies have shown that a high fat diet triggers gallbladder contraction which causes gallbladder pain(3).

The pain is also called gallstone pain. The pain continues until gallstone removal from your gallbladder. So yes keto diet causes gallstone pain.

Can keto diet dissolve gallstones?

Of course not. There is no scientific evidence that the keto diet dissolves gallstones. You should not run after this claim.

If you want to dissolve gallstones you should consult your physician. Follow the diets prescribed by your physician and you must not go after a high fat diet like the keto diet.

However, you can start consuming keto diets slowly after 2-3 months of gallstone removal. But remember to increase your intake slowly to avoid any side effects.

How much keto diet should I eat to avoid gallstones?

There is no prescribed limit on keto diets to avoid gallstones. You should go for the healthy calorie consumption limit to prevent gallstones.

Low calorie consumption does not mean eating below the limit. There is a catch, if you eat less than 800 calories daily then gallstones may develop.

The ideal calorie intake should be between 1200-1600 calories. Aside from this high fat is the main reason behind gallstones. If you limit your fat intake then you can easily avoid gallstones.

The standard keto diet suggests 70 percent of fat from daily total calories. But you should need to check your cholesterol levels by reducing fat intake also to avoid gallstones.

Both of these two issues are resolved by the 1200-1600 calories keto diet plan. As it limits your daily fat intake to 100-120g level which will not create any gallbladder-related problems.

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Is keto diet safe if you have no gallbladder?

Bile is directly released to the small intestine from the liver after gallbladder removal and it may create digestion issues for high fat keto diets.

So, the keto diet is not safe if you have no gallbladder.

Best diet for no gallbladder

There is no best diet for no gallbladder patients. However, you should insert the following types of foods in your meal

Low fat foods i.e keto vegetables, lean chicken, turkey, keto fruits, etc.

High fiber foods like almonds, walnuts, skinned potatoes, beans, oats, lentils, chia seeds, rice, cereal, peas, broccoli, watermelon, etc.

Also, remember to avoid high carb foods.

Is the keto diet good for the gallbladder?

Actually, the keto diet and gallbladder problems are interlinked. The answer to the commonly asked query “can keto cause gallbladder problems” is yes.

High fat keto diets are a trigger for gallbladder problems. Furthermore, keto and gallbladder stones are closely connected.

A high fat diet can increase biliary cholesterol (4). This increases the chance of gallbladder stones. You are prohibited to do keto with gallstones.

Also, keto is not recommended even after the removal of gallstones.

So, the keto diet is not good for the gallbladder. However, if you are a healthy person, a controlled intake of the keto diet is safe.

It is less likely to create gallbladder issues if you follow a short duration keto diet.

Can a high fat diet cause gallbladder problems?

Yes. As we have already discussed high fat diet promotes multiple gallbladder related problems. That’s why a high fat diet can cause gallbladder problems.

Doctors suggest following a low-fat diet for the prevention of gallbladder problems. Also, adequate exercise and weight loss can prevent gallbladder problems.