7 Foods That Can Cause Constipation

Constipation is the most common stomach disorder that affects several people around the world every day. There are several foods that can cause constipation in healthy adults.

In this article, we will check the most common foods that trigger bowel movement problems.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can constipate you. This delicious nut butter is the favorite of many people. However, if you are intolerant to peanuts it can make you constipated. Also, the presence of high saturated fat in peanuts is another reason for constipation.


Potatoes are good for gut health as it is high in fiber. However, excess consumption of potatoes can make you constipated because of their high starch component. It’s the major disadvantage to surplus potato consumption.


Eggs are one of the most common ingredients of several tasty dishes. However, eggs can also make you constipated because it lacks dietary fiber. The absence of dietary fiber in eggs can make stool movement difficult.


Fiber and magnesium are the two most common nutrients which help to pass stool without any hazard. However, yogurt does not contain fiber, and very little amount of magnesium is found in it. Because of this yogurt can make you constipated.


Cheese is a very popular dietary product that can make you constipated. Consumption of cheese and constipation are interlinked as cheese is high in saturated fat. Studies have shown that more than 30 grams intake of saturated fat can make you constipated (1).

Ice Cream

Intake of ice cream is associated with constipation as it is high in saturated fat and contains very little amount of fiber. Moreover, if you are intolerant to lactose, milk ice creams can make your stool harder as it is full of lactose.


Banana is a well-consumed fruit throughout the world because of their high nutrient value. However, bananas can make you constipated because of the high starch presence.