Does Cheese Cause Constipation?!(Yes!This Is How)

Cheese is a very popular dietary product. It is widely used in numerous recipes. However, people often got constipated upon consumption of cheese. But why does cheese cause constipation?

Very little or almost zero fiber and very high saturated fat presence make cheese constipating. Moreover, the lactose content of cheese can make your stomach disorders worse if you are intolerant to lactose.

Why Does Cheese Cause Constipation?

Dietary fiber is an essential laxative to prevent constipation. Studies have shown that regular consumption of high fiber foods can soften the stool and improves bowel movement (1).

Moreover, another study has shown that high consumption of dietary fiber can increase stool frequency in patients with constipation (2). On the other hand, saturated fat is also a well-known constipation factor.

According to studies, more than 30 grams of saturated fat intake per day can promote constipation in healthy adults (3). Furthermore, lactose intolerance can also lead to gastrointestinal disorders like constipation.

As cheese is high in saturated fat and free from dietary fiber, consumption of cheese can promote constipation. Also, cheese is a milk product and contains lactose which is another constipation-promoting factor.

Does Cheese Make Your Poop Hard?

Cheese can make your poop hard because it does not contain fiber and is high in saturated fat. Intake of high saturated fat is associated with bowel problems. On the other hand, dietary fiber adds bulk and water to stool which helps to soften it.

As dietary fiber component is absent in cheese it makes your poop hard. Also, the high proportion of saturated fat can worsen the condition. These two factors make cheese a poop-hardening food.

How Do You Get Rid Of Constipation From Cheese?

The main factors of cheese-associated constipation are lack of dietary fiber with excessive saturated fat. That’s by controlling these two factors, people can get rid of constipation from cheese.

To get rid of constipation from the cheese you need to add more fiber-rich foods to your regular diet plan. Moreover, reducing the consumption of cheese can limit the intake of saturated fat.

These two facts are essential to reducing the risk of constipation from cheese. Furthermore, some additional measures can be taken to prevent constipation from cheese.

These are:

  • Controlling of depression
  • Maintain dental health
  • More water consumption

What Kind Of Cheese Causes Constipation?

All kinds of cheese can cause constipation. It’s because all of these types of cheese are free from dietary fiber which is an essential nutrient for curing constipation problems or bowel disorders.

Moreover, the presence of a common constipation factor aka high saturated fat is a common factor for every type of cheese. Furthermore, all kinds of cheese are produced from milk and contain constipation-promoting components like lactose.

Concluding all of these facts we can say that any kind of cheese can cause constipation.

How Do I Avoid Constipation After Eating Cheese?

Consumption of fiber-dense foods along with fluids can help you to prevent constipation after consumption of cheese. It’s because both high fiber and fluid help to get rid of constipation.

A great way to recover cheese-related constipation is to drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice helps you to make poop and prevents constipation problems as it is a great source of fiber and contains a lot of fluid.

Does Dairy Free Cheese Make You Constipated?

No dairy free cheese does not make you constipated. It’s because the most popular dairy-free cheeses are prepared from nuts. Nuts do not cause constipation because they are a rich source of dietary fiber.

You can consume dairy-free cheese prepared from almonds or walnuts to get rid of bowel problems. However, it’s a wise idea to avoid dairy free cheese prepared from almonds or coconut.

It’s because both peanut and coconut are high in saturated fat. And because of this, both kinds of cheese prepared from these ingredients may promote constipation.

Does Cheese Constipate You More Than Milk?

Both milk and cheese are free from fiber. That’s why you can get constipated after consumption of any of these products. However, milk is 90 percent water which may make you less constipated than cheese.

Furthermore, cheese contains more saturated fat compared to milk. This is another factor that makes cheese more constipation-promoting food than milk. That’s why cheese can make you more constipated than milk.