Can You Have Black Pepper On Keto

Black pepper is a widely used spice in most Southeast Asian cuisine. It has been traditionally added to food such as rice, soup, salad, etc.
The keto lover’s first question is always the same. “Is black pepper keto?”Like ketogenic garlic black pepper is keto friendly.

Black pepper cabs and keto analysis

Black pepper is high in carbs. 100 grams of black pepper contains 64 grams of carbs.

So, theoretically, it is not keto. Then why black pepper is keto? Well, black pepper is used as a spice, not as whole food like other ketogenic foods.

The majority of foods that are low in the net carb are considered keto. Net carb is calculated by subtracting sugar and fiber from total carbs.

1 tbsp(2.3 grams) of black pepper contains only 1.47 grams of carbs. It also contains 0.58g of fiber and 0.015g of sugar (1).

After subtracting these two the net carbs of black fiber stand at 0.8g. Considering the fact we can say that black fiber is keto.

This is the common fact between garlic, ginger, and black pepper. All three are high carb spices.

The “spice brand” makes all three low net carb or ketogenic.

Black pepper health benefits

Black pepper is a heat-stable natural substance that is mainly used in cooking.

The low carb spice formula makes it ideal for use in keto recipes. Its origin is Kerala (2)(a south Indian state).

Black pepper contains several nutrients. These nutrients make black pepper a super healthy spice.

Anti cancer benefits of black pepper

Black pepper contains antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight multiple types of cancers.

These antioxidants promote different mechanisms like cytotoxicity, autophagy, etc.

Due to this black pepper is useful to prevent cell growth following types of cancers (3)

  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Cervical
  • Prostate

Type 2 diabetes prevention by black pepper

Type 2 diabetes has become a serious problem around the world. Research has shown that black pepper is beneficial for the prevention of type 2 diabetes (4).

Treatment of type 2 diabetes is done by glycemic control. Glycemic control can halt the progression of type 2 diabetes.

Black pepper contains piperine, an alkaloid. According to the scientific study piperine, rich black peppers can increase glucose uptake.

The pipeline component prevents hyperglycemia. And because of this black pepper is very useful to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes.

Tooth health benefits by black pepper

Sucrose and fructose are the main culprits behind tooth decay. These components of carbohydrate damage tooth enamel.

Fructose acts as the energy source of tooth bacteria (5). This element damages the tooth the most.

1 tbsp serving of black pepper is sucrose and fructose-free. That’s why it will not create any adverse tooth effects.

On the other side, black pepper is high in calcium. The calcium helps to improve dental health and strengths the tooth.

Black pepper other health benefits

Black pepper is rich in iron. The iron and piperidine composition of black pepper may provide numerous health benefits.

  1. Black pepper is also used for epilepsy treatment.
  2. The iron and piperine component of black pepper prevents anemia.
  3. Black pepper may be used to treat ear, and nose disorders.
  4. A sore throat can be cured by black pepper.
  5. Women’s menstrual disorders can be prevented by black pepper consumption.
  6. Black pepper fortifies the heart by lowering LDL and triglycerides and boosting HDL levels.

Some additional benefits of black pepper

Black pepper has some other benefits also. It can be used to treat gastrointestinal disorders in livestock.

Black pepper paste is used as a common homemade antibacterial remedy.

The king of spices or black pepper is very beneficial to boost the taste and flavor of any recipe.

Some ketogenic black pepper recipes

Black pepper chicken

Black pepper chicken is one of the favorite recipes for keto lovers. It can be used as a side dish.

The recipe is low in carbs. You need chicken, garlic paste, coconut oil, cauliflower, black pepper, and salt for this recipe.

Black pepper sauce

The black paper sauce is famous for its hot and spicy taste. It is widely used with meat dishes all over the world.

However, black pepper sauce is not keto. A large amount of black pepper paste is used in this recipe.

As black pepper is high in carbs, this recipe is not keto-friendly. If you seriously want to follow the keto diet, avoid this recipe.

We suggest you use the ketogenic sauces used with keto bread pudding. All of these sauces are pure keto.

Black pepper meat ball

Meatball is a widely popular snack. You can make this recipe ketogenic by adding some ingredients.

Black pepper meatball contains broccoli, beef, cheese, onion paste, garlic powder, and black pepper powder.

This keto snack is low in carbs but high in calories. So, if you are hungry after your meal you can eat this.

To make the meatball more delicious you can add chocolate powder or vanilla extract also.

Final Thoughts

Black pepper is a perfect ketogenic spice. We consider this high carb food keto because it’s a spice.

You can make any recipe delicious by sprinkling black pepper over it. Also, it will make your recipe smell amazing.

Controlled consumption of black pepper helps you to lead a super healthy lifestyle.

However excess intake of black pepper can upset your stomach. So, be careful here.