4 Deadly Apple Disadvantages

Apple is high in carbohydrates. A 100g serving of raw apple with skin contains 13.8 grams of total carbs.

Limited eating of carbs is good for health. However, excess consumption of carbs creates several health disorders.

Although apple is very beneficial for health, the high carbs of this fruit are not healthy. You may get some deadly diseases from apples.

The major disadvantages of  high carb apple

1. Digestive problem

High carb is not good for the digestive system. It creates multiple digestive disorders.

Gas and bloating are the most common types of disorders. Excess eating of apples boosts these two issues.

Also in long term, it can cause bowel movement issues. Which leads to constipation.

In severe cases, diarrhea can take place. You need to be careful before eating excess apples.

2. Diabetes

A high amount of carbs may aid in increasing blood sugar. Because of this blood sugar spike, your body starts to produce more insulins.

An increased amount of insulin may create prediabetes first. Prediabetes is a common stage before developing type 2 diabetes.

This prediabetes may lead to type 2 diabetes. For the majority of cases, prediabetes does not provide any signals.

Here signal means health disorders. In that case, if you are still consuming more carbs be careful first.

Otherwise, the high carbs will trap in in type 2 diabetes. However, by controlling unhealthy food habits prediabetes can be reversed.

The main reason behind this problem is calorie deficiency. A 100g serving of apple provides only 52 calories.

The high carb and low-calorie combination is the main cause.

3. Dental issues

Dental problems are another disadvantage of high crabs foods. Total carbs in apples are high in sugar. It contains 10 grams of sugar.

Carbs and sugars cause multiple dental issues. These are well-known for the creation of cavity and plaque formation.

Apples also contain 2 other unhealthy carb components, ie. sucrose, and fructose.

Both of these are famous for promoting dental problems. Sucrose is the worst among these two.

Sucrose is the main reason behind dental decay. Also, fructose acts as the energy source for dental bacteria.

4. Cardiovascular problems

The high amount of sugar of total carbs in apples can cause heart problems. Coronary heart disease or CHD is closely related to sugar.

Sugar is notorious for increasing blood sugar levels. This increased blood sugar leads to diabetes.

As diabetics are prone to heart problems, excess sugar increases the chance of heart disease.

That’s why a large consumption of apples may cause heart-related problems. It also increases the chance of obesity.

Remember sugar alone causes more harm than saturated fat. So, think twice before consuming a mass amount of total carbs-rich apple.

Final Thoughts

Apple is a highly nutrient fruit. It is the most common food used by people with health problems.

However excess intake of any healthy food can do the opposite. The rule is applicable to all foods.

Like all other foods, apple has some disadvantages also. The high amount of carbs is the main reason behind the health problems.

Excess eating of apples can create a long range of health problems. High carb apples can create gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

Not only that it can also cause diabetes and heart problems. Excess eating of apples is also a major reason behind dental problems.

Type 2 diabetes may be promoted by sugar-rich apples. It also causes obesity in diabetic patients.

However weight gain from high carb food is conflicting research (1).

Some studies suggest that high-carb foods may increase weight. On the other hand, some other studies do not find any solid link between the high carb and weight gain.

For that reason, we have omitted the weight-gaining part of the apple. We will update once we get a solid reason to insert it.

We suggest you limit your daily apple consumption limit. If you follow this rule you will stay healthy for a long time.