5 Foods That Make You Fat | List Of Foods That Make You Fat

Even health-conscious people sometimes catch unexpected weight gain. Taking healthy foods is not enough to lose weight. Smart planning of food selection is essential for controlling body weight.

Although there are several great foods and drinks which cause weight loss, surplus intake of these foods can cause gaining weight. Here we have covered the 5 foods that make you fat.


Oats are healthy food however oats can make you fat. In fact, regular consumption of a high portion of oatmeal can cause rapid weight gain. It’s because oats are high in calories which may make you fat by causing caloric overload.

On the other hand, surplus intake of added sugar is associated with greater weight gain (1). It’s another reason behind weight gaining mechanism of sugar-sweetened oatmeal consumption.


Cashews are full of essential nutrients and help people to stay healthy. Several people add cashews to their diet plan to achieve numerous health benefits. However, like oats cashews can also make you fat.

It’s because cashews are high in calories and a great source of fat. A 100-gram serving of cashews contains 553 calories and 43.8 grams of fat (2). High intake of both of these can promote weight gain in healthy adults.

Fruit Juice

People love to consume at least one cup of fruit juice every day. However, this delicious item can make you fat. In fact, the majority of fruit juice help in weight gain because they are high in calories and contains a lot of sugar.

Consumption of high-caloric and sugar-sweetened foods and beverages is associated with sudden weight gain. That’s why regular consumption of fruit juices can make you gain a few pounds of weight.

Nut Butter

Nowadays people consume a lot of nut butter and seed butter instead of normal dairy butter. Both nut and seed butter are powerhouses of several nutrients which help us to stay healthy and fight diseases.

However, all of the butter prepared from nuts and seeds contain a lot of calories and fat. Because of this too much consumption of nut and seed butter can cause weight gain.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a favorite option of everyone. However, ice cream can make you fat as it is a high source of calories. On the other hand, ice cream is a great source of fat.

Studies have shown that the consumption of high-fat foods can cause weight gain (3). That’s why the uncontrolled intake of ice cream may add some pounds.