Does Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight?

Ice cream is a very popular frozen food. In fact, ice cream is probably the most common side dish throughout the world. On the other hand, this delicious treat is full of calories and sugar.

As high calories and sugar are major contributors to weight gain, ice cream can easily make you gain weight. That’s why it’s a wise idea to eat ice cream with precaution.

Why Does Ice Cream Make You Gain Weight?

Ice cream fulfills all criteria for weight gain. It is high in calories, sugar, and fat. This trio combination is a major contributor to quick weight gain. Let’s check how these factors cause weight gain.

Studies have shown that the consumption of high-fat foods can promote weight gain (1). Moreover, increased consumption of added sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages is also associated with greater weight gain (2).

Both added sugar and high-fat nutrients are well-known factors for increased calorie intake. High-calorie consumption is linked with gaining weight. That’s why ice cream can trigger weight gain.

In fact, ice cream falls under the top 5 foods that make you fat.

How Does Ice Cream Make People Fat?

The high fat and sugar components of ice cream can easily make people fat. Moreover, these two components increase calorie consumption, which is another reason behind the increased risk of obesity.

However, ice cream contains a small amount of dietary fiber, protein, and calcium. These three nutrients play an essential role in weight control. In fact, this trio helps to lose weight.

That’s why a controlled intake of ice cream may not cause severe weight gain.

How Often Can You Eat Ice Cream Without Gaining Weight?

You can consume weekly one piece of ice cream without gaining weight. It’s the best consumption limit to avoid weight gain on ice cream. However, you should also maintain the consumption limit of 100 grams.

This 100 grams intake limit can reduce all calorie, sugar, and fat consumption which in turn helps to maintain weight. Also, reducing other high fat and sugar foods can provide extra weight loss benefits.

How Much Weight Will One Gain After Eating A Tub Of Ice Cream?

There is no fixed amount of weight gain from the consumption of ice cream. It completely depends upon the calorie, sugar, and fat component of the chosen ice cream. If the calorie intake from the ice cream is more than 150, then there is a little risk of weight gain.

In that case, the excess calorie consumption with added sugar from the tub of ice cream may trigger 1 pound weight gain within 15 days. However, if you are doing some calorie-burning exercises, the weight gain will be slower than usual.

Will I Gain Weight If I Eat Ice Cream Once A Week?

No, normal consumption of ice cream per week will not cause weight gain. It’s because standard-sized ice cream contains near about 100 calories. Once a week 100 calories will not affect the body weight.

However, if the ice cream proportion is heavy then it may cause weight gain. It’s because heavily sized ice creams contain a lot of calories and artificial sugar. Both of these are well-known factors in making you fat.

What To Do After Eating Ice Cream To Avoid Weight Gain?

You have to drink a lot of water after eating ice cream to avoid weight gain. However, you should not drink water immediately after intake of ice cream. It may cause a cold, caught, or sore throat.

It’s a wise idea to drink a glass of water half hour after the consumption of ice cream. Moreover, you can eat fiber-rich foods after intake of ice cream to deal with weight gaining problems.

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Ice Cream?

No, you cannot lose weight by eating ice cream. It’s because ice cream contains a very little amount of fat-burning factor i.e dietary fiber. In fact, the majority of ice creams contain less than a half gram of fiber.

This tiny amount of fiber can not cause weight loss. On the other hand, ice cream contains all major weight-gaining ingredients like high fat, calorie, and sugar. This trio will make you fat.

Does 0% Fat And 0% Sugar Ice Cream Not Make You Fat?

It’s true that some 0% fat and 0% sugar ice cream do not make you fat. These types of ice creams are low in calories also. Normal consumption of 0% fat and 0% sugar ice cream will not make you fat because of its low-calorie component.

However, in normal circumstances, it’s very difficult to identify the perfect 0% fat and 0% sugar ice cream. The majority of ice creams contain a high amount of fat. In fact, this type of ice cream is a powerhouse of unhealthy fat, especially saturated fat. The high saturated fat component of ice cream can easily make you fat.

Can An Ice Cream Diet Be Good For Weight Loss?

No ice cream diet can not be good for weight loss. Ice creams are high in calories. Regular consumption of ice creams can cause weight gain by promoting caloric imbalance.

Moreover, ice creams are a great source of saturated fat. Daily intake of the ice cream diet will also boost the consumption of saturated fat. This saturated fat can promote weight gain.

Furthermore, ice cream contains a little proportion of weight loss nutrients aka dietary fiber. It’s another reason behind not losing weight on an ice cream diet. Considering all of these facts we can say that an ice cream diet can not be good for weight loss.

Can You Eat Ice Cream On A Liquid Diet And Still Lose Weight?

Weight loss without exercising is a very popular method to halt fat gaining in a regular lifestyle. A liquid diet is one of the most common meal plans in this funda. But can you add ice cream to your fat-burner liquid diet plan?

Yes, you can lose weight on a liquid diet with ice cream. However, in that case, you have to maintain your ice cream intake to once per week. This will not cause calorie imbalance, which is a major reason behind obesity.

Moreover, this limited ice cream intake will also maintain saturated fat and sugar consumption. This will help to reduce the risk of weight gain. However, to continue the weight loss schedule you should do some exercises also.

How Can I Eat An Ice Cream If I Am On A Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Regular consumption of ice cream causes weight gain by promoting caloric imbalance and increasing sugar intake. Then how can an ice cream lover add this to his/her weight loss diet plan?

Well, You can eat one ice cream per week with your weight loss diet plan. This will not break the calorie and sugar limit required per day to lose weight. However, you have to consume ice cream below 100 calories only to reap the benefits.

It will ensure the calorie, fat, and sugar limit for losing weight. So, if you are looking for “Will eating one ice cream a week retard me from getting abs?” The answer is no, it will not retard you from getting abs until you are on the calorie limit.