Do Cashews Make You Fat(Surprising Facts!)

People love to lose weight without exercising i.e using healthy organic foods like nuts. Nutrient-dense nuts and seeds play an essential role in fat reduction. Nuts are considered one of the main ingredients of meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

On the other hand, cashew is among the most popular nuts. So, do cashews make you fat? No, cashew nuts do not make you fat or weight gain, in fact, cashews can help you to reduce your body weight.

Studies have shown that cashew nuts intake reduced total body fat(1). Let’s check the facts about cashew for weight loss.

Cashews are good for weight loss according to the researchers. A study has found that Cashew nuts in a dyslipidemic diet can reduce body weight (2). Furthermore, another scientific research has shown that cashew nut intake with brazil nuts can decrease body fat (3).

That’s why a normal intake of cashew nuts can be beneficial for people who are planning to lose weight. It’s a wise idea to add cashews to your favorite dishes to speed up your fat loss drive.

How Many Cashews Can I Eat a Day?

High intake of fat-dense and high caloric foods are the major reason behind weight gain. Cashew nuts are not only a great source of fat but also high in calories also. That’s why a surplus intake of cashews per day can cause weight gain.

To fulfill these criteria of high calories and fat, a daily intake of 25 to 30 cashews can help to gain weight.

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All nuts with high calories and fat help you make gain weight. Although the majority of nuts are high in calories and fat, a little consumption will not help you out for gaining weight.
However, a surplus intake of nuts can make you gain weight by causing caloric overload.