Ketosis Poop Color & Smell

People reach a ketosis state by consumption of low carb and high fat keto foods. Ketosis is the state when our body burns fat and uses ketones(a by-product of fat burning) as fuel instead of glucose.

This state is identified by some symptoms like ketone urine color, urine and breath smell, poop color, and odor.

Ketosis poop color & smell are the most important measures of ketosis state identification after urine smell and color.

Yellow smelly poop on keto is the normal color & odor of the ketosis state. If you observe light yellow smelly poop you have reached a ketosis state.

However, some other colors of the smelly stool are observed in the ketosis level. The Detailed analysis of all keto poop colors are given below:

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Keto Poop Color Yellow: This is the perfect color of ketosis stool. The Keto diet consists high fat foods. A large intake of fat rich foods during the keto diet makes excess fats in stool which creates Yellow, greasy, foul-smelling poop.

Green Poop on Keto: A surplus intake of low carb keto green leafy vegetables like cabbage, kale, watercress, lettuce, broccoli, etc causes green poop on keto. Also, green-colored foods and beverages may cause green stool on keto.

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Red Poop on Keto Diet: Keto-friendly fruits like tomatoes, cantaloupes, and carrots contain a red-colored pigment called beta carotene. Excess intake of these low carb fruits converts stool color to bright red because of the relasing of this pigment through poop.

Black Poop Keto: Black or dark-colored ketosis poops are observed in case of too much dietary or supplementary iron intake. Normally black colored stool occurs if you are consuming iron pills. However, for extreme cases, iron-rich keto foods like keto meats, and low carb seafood may promote black poop.

Light-colored, white, or clay-colored: Keto diet does not cause white or pale colored poop. That’s why white or clay-colored poop during ketosis is not related to ketosis. This color is observed because of some medications and anti-diarrheal drugs.

A foul poop smell is normally observed for all of these cases. The following two common urine smells may also be observed with a strong poop odor:


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Gastrointestinal problems and Healthy Digestion

How to Stop Keto Poop

You can stop the keto yellow colored poop by eating carbohydrate rich foods. These type of foods helps you to get rid of ketones from urine and poop.

High carb foods help to produce glycogens which replace ketones as body fuel. Because of this ketone reduction, keto poop brings back to normal again.

However, if you want to stop or reduction of non-ketosis urine colors you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

Green Poop Omitting: To omit the green colored poop on ketosis you should limit consumption of green vegetables and artificial colored foods and beverages.

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Clearance of Red Poop: To get rid of red poop on ketosis reduce intake of the following ketogenic foods

How to Get Rid of Black Keto Stool: Black or dark-colored low carb stool can be overcome by omitting iron pills and limiting consumption of keto seafood, nuts, seeds, and meat, especially red meat.

Prevention of White Poop on Keto: As white poop is not related to the keto diet you should consult a physician if you observe white stool on keto.