How To Stop Keto Bread Diarrhea | 5 Best Tips

If you are new on the keto diet and replaced normal bread with keto bread, you may get keto bread diarrhea.

Although keto bread diarrhea is not critical, you have to be careful about this.

There are multiple reasons behind keto bread diarrhea. However, you can stop keto bread diarrhea without much problem.

Here we are going to give you tips to stop diarrhea after eating keto bread.

Does Keto Bread Cause Diarrhea? Yes And It’s How

Uncontrolled consumption of keto bread may cause diarrhea because a sudden increase in high fat affects our digestive system.

Studies have shown that fatty foods promote watery diarrhea (1).

Fatty diarrhea is another version common for patients with celiac disease and chronic pancreatitis. Enzymes are required to digest foods in the stomach.

For celiac disease and chronic pancreatitis, fewer amount of enzymes are released. This causes indigestion of high-fat foods which leads to fatty diarrhea.

Furthermore, high fat diet increases biliary cholesterol, which may create gallbladder problems (2).

An excessive amount of biliary cholesterol affects the digestion procedure. It may create stomach disorders like diarrhea.

Moreover, keto bread prepared from saturated fat-rich coconut flour increases the chances of keto bread diarrhea.

According to studies the high amount of saturated fat consumption creates gastrointestinal diseases (3).

Another reason for keto bread diarrhea is lactose intolerance. People often consume bread with dairy products like cheese and cream.

Dairy products are high in lactose. Patients with lactose intolerance are at higher risk of developing diarrhea after consumption of dairy products with keto bread.

Nut allergy is also a culprit behind diarrhea. As almond nut flour is the major contributor to maximum keto bread, you may get a nut allergy from bread made of almond flour.

Moreover, unplanned intake of keto bread cause gas, stomach ache also.

How To Stop Keto Bread Diarrhea?

If you are facing frequent diarrhea after consumption of keto bread this tutorial will be helpful.

You can stop keto bread diarrhea by following any of these tips 1) Limiting almond bread intake to 30 grams per day, 2) Controlled intake of coconut bread to 3 times per week, 3) Replacing almond bread with flaxseed or coconut bread for nut allergy, 4) Replace dairy products like cream and cheese with chia butter, almond butter, coconut cream or mayo, 5) Add fiber-rich foods in your diet to improve stool bulk.

A detailed guide and reasons for the above-mentioned points are discussed for your reference.

Almond Bread Guide: If you don’t have a nut allergy go for almond bread. Almond bread contains less amount of saturated fat because of this it reduces the chance of diarrhea.

Also, almond bread contains a useful amino acid called glutamine. Glutamine is very beneficial to maintain a healthy gut function.

According to studies, glutamine helps to improve gut barrier and microbiota function and reduces risks of constipation (4, 5, 6).

However, you should consume no more than 30-50 grams of almond bread per day because of its high fat content.

Anti-Lactose Tips: People who are prone to lactose intolerance replace dairy products with the following

  • Almond butter
  • Chia butter
  • Coconut cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • Peanut butter
  • Soy butter

Try to go for the healthiest and safe options like almond butter, chia butter, and peanut butter.

Also, coconut cream is high in saturated fat which may promote diarrhea. It’s better to avoid it or use a bare minimum amount.

Nut-Allergy Suggestions: Almond bread is prohibited for people with nuts allergies. It may worsen their condition and may cause mild diarrhea.

If you have a nut allergy choose the following types of keto bread to prevent diarrhea.

  • Coconut keto bread
  • Flaxseed keto bread

Flaxseed bread is the best option among these two. However, if you choose coconut bread do not eat any more than 3 times a week.

Furthermore, limit your consumption to a total of 100 grams in a week.

Best Breads For Diarrhea

Diarrhea or diarrhoea can be conquered by omitting regular flour ingredients during bread preperation.

The best bread for diarrhea are

  • Almond bread
  • Chia bread
  • Coconut bread

These bread are low in carbs and gluten-free. Moreover, these nutrient-rich bread help to reduce other stomach disorders like gas, abdominal pain, and constipation.

Furthermore, almond and chia bread are loaded with fiber. Studies have shown that fiber improves stool bulk and softens it (7).

That’s why bread prepared with almond or chia flour reduces the risk of waterly loose motion or diarrhea.

Furthermore, there is a keto version of Korean sausage bread. It’s also safe for diarrhea(also known as diarrhoea).

How Long Does Keto Bread Diarrhea Last?

Keto bread diarrhea usually lasts for 7-10 days. Normally keto diarrhea occurs in the first week of keto.

However, for healthy people, keto bread diarrhea may not occur. For severe cases, keto bread diarrhea may last for two weeks.

When To Consult A Doctor

Keto bread diarrhea can be cured by following the given tips. If you follow the advice you may get rid of this disorder within a couple of days.

Although, diarrhea may last longer for people with health problems like irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and chronic pancreatitis.

Also if you have a gallbladder issue keto bread diarrhea may be severe. If you have any of these health problems you should consult a doctor immediately after the occurrence of diarrhea.

Final Thoughts

Keto bread diarrhea occurs mainly due to malabsorption of surplus high fat in our stomach.

However, for the majority of cases, diarrhea occurs after eating keto bread due to nutrient imbalance.

Some gastrointestinal diseases and nut allergy also increases the chance of diarrhea.

This disorder can be reduced and cured by maintaining the daily nutrition balance and limiting the intake of saturated fat.