Can Ginger Tea Cure Constipation?!(Yes!This Is How)

Constipation has become a rising problem throughout the world. In fact, every day numerous people get affected with bowel problems. On the other hand, ginger is used as a natural herb for centuries.

Ginger tea is a very popular remedy prepared from fresh ginger and warm water. Now, people often wonder whether ginger tea is an effective remedy to cure constipation or not.

Well, ginger tea can cure constipation because both of its components i.e ginger and warm water have beneficial effects on bowel movements. Now let’s check how ginger tea cures constipation.

How Can Ginger Tea Cure Constipation?

Ginger tea is prepared from two ingredients i.e ginger and warm water. According to studies, ginger is used for centuries as a home remedy in treating various gastric ailments like constipation (1).

Another study has shown that the extracts of ginger can accelerate gastric emptying and stimulate gastric antral contractions (2). This gastric emptying can indirectly prevent constipation by making smooth bowel movements.

On the other hand, the second ingredient of ginger tea is warm water. According to studies,  warm water intake has a favorable impact on intestinal movements (3). Because of this consumption of warm water can cure constipation.

Moreover, ginger tea contains a little amount of fiber and magnesium. Both these two nutrients act as laxatives.

Considering both of these facts we can say that ginger tea can cure constipation because of its bowel-friendly ingredient combination.

Does Ginger Tea Make You Poop?

Ginger is a well-known and scientifically proven edible root for quick gastric emptying. This ability of gastric emptying helps you poop more after the consumption of ginger tea.

Furthermore, the warm water ingredient of ginger tea also accelerates intestinal movements. This is another added benefit of ginger tea intake. These two factors make ginger tea an excellent option for smooth bowel movements.

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Can Ginger Tea Cause Constipation?

No ginger tea does not cause constipation. In fact, ginger tea is good for constipation, and this beneficial herbal tea act as a natural laxative for constipation cure. However, excess consumption of ginger tea may indirectly cause constipation.

But how does ginger tea cause constipation? Well, people consume heavy meals with ginger tea normally for better refreshment. If any of the consumed items are high in saturated fat, then you may get constipated.

However, this is not directly related to ginger tea consumption.