Does Coffee Cause Gas Bloating Constipation

Gas, bloating and constipation are the leading gastrointestinal diseases throughout the world. Every day millions of people are diagnosed with any of these stomach disorders.

In fact, the majority of people face all three disorders. On the other hand, coffee is probably the most popular beverage. Every day numerous coffee lovers are affected with stomach disorders like gas, bloating, and constipation.

So, the question arises here. Do coffee cause gas, bloating, and constipation? The answer is yes, coffee can cause gas, bloating, and constipation in some circumstances.

However, the majority of people will not get affected by stomach disorders after the consumption of coffee. In fact, studies have shown that coffee is not associated with gastrointestinal disorders (1).

Does Coffee Make You Bloated?

High-fiber foods are the leading factor of bloating. In fact, the consumption of foods rich in fiber is the main triggering factor of bloating. However, coffee does not contain fiber.

Because of this, you will not get bloated on coffee. Moreover, studies have shown that coffee contains a very low score (1 out of 10) against causing bloating. However, in some circumstances, coffee can make you bloated.

Caffeine is the major ingredient of coffee. Studies have shown that caffeine can trigger GI problems in some people (2). This can lead to stomach problems like bloating.

Moreover, lactose intolerant people can get bloated after the consumption of coffee with milk. Furthermore, added artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol or aspartame with coffee may also cause bloating as they are hard to digest.

How Long Does Coffee Bloat Last?

Coffee does not cause bloating for the majority of people. However, if you consume too many fiber-rich foods with coffee or if you are intolerant to caffeine then coffee can make you bloated.

In that case, coffee bloating may last for a couple of days. It can be controlled by reducing the intake of high-fiber foods and drinking a lot of water. However, caffeine intolerant people should avoid coffee to get rid of bloating problems.

Does Coffee Cause Gas And Bloating?

No, coffee does not contain gas and bloating for 90 percent of people because it does not contain fiber.  Fiber is a well-known nutrient that promotes abdominal gas and bloating.

That’s why the absence of this nutrient makes coffee a safe drink without causing gas and bloating. In fact, if you are bloated you should consume a cup of coffee to get rid of bloating.

However, a few people are allergic to caffeine products. In that case, coffee can act as an accelerator for bloating and gassy problems. Moreover, an empty stomach intake of coffee can reduce the digestive acid in the stomach, which in turn can promote gas and bloat.

Does Coffee Cause Constipation?

The two major factors of constipation are the consumption of saturated fat-rich foods and inadequate intake of liquid. On the other hand, a surplus intake of fiber-rich foods also promotes constipation.

However, coffee does not contain any of the above-mentioned constipation-causing nutrients. And because of this, coffee does not cause constipation. Moreover, studies have shown that coffee significantly reduces the time to the first bowel movement (3).

Considering all of these facts, we can say that coffee does not cause constipation.