Are Passion Fruit Keto(Eye Opening Study)

If you are asking “Is/Are passion fruit keto” then passion fruit is a high carbs fruit. So, technically it is not keto, right?

Wrong, although passion fruit contains high carbs it is also high in sugar and fiber. If we subtract these two,  passion fruit’s net carb is reduced to 2g only.

That’s why passion fruits are keto friendly and can be fitted in the keto fruit category.

Do passion fruit have carbs?

Yes. Passion fruit has 23.4 grams of carbs against 100 grams serving size. These 23.4 grams passion fruit carbs are total carbs.

Also, the same amount of serving contains 10.4 g fiber and 11.2 g sugar (1). So passion fruit net carbs are 2 grams.

Are passionfruit high in sugar?

Yes. Passion fruit is high in sugar. This fruit is actually a sugar-rich food. You will get 11.2 grams of sugar against 100 g serving.

Is passion fruit good for weight loss?

Passion fruits are an excellent source of fiber. This fiber rich food helps to feel stomach full for a long time after consumption of this fruit.

That’s why our craving for further eating reduces. As a result, it boosts our weight loss journey.

Moreover, passion fruit is rich in vitamin A. According to studies vitamin A promotes weight loss and reduces obesity (2).

That’s why passion fruit is good for weight loss.

What are the benefits of eating passionfruit?

Passion fruit is a nutrient-dense food and has numerous health benefits. The fruit contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

All of these components provide multiple health benefits like

Passion fruit skin benefits

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin A, B2, niacin, and vitamin C. What’s more, passion fruit contains iron, zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium.

You will get the following skin benefits from these useful nutrients.

  • Dry skin and itching reduction
  • Prevention of skin cancer
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin moisture improvement
  • Reduction of psoriasis & eczema
  • Dark spot and sunburn reduction
  • Skin wound healing

Benefits during pregnancy

Passion fruit is a rich source of calcium. Studies have shown that a high calcium intake can reduce hypertension in pregnant women (3).

Also, this iron-rich fruit helps to prevent anemia in pregnant women. Furthermore, passion fruit is high in folate which reduces birth defects in early pregnancy.

Passion fruit benefits heart health

Passion fruit is a rich source of useful nutrients which help to maintain good heart health. These nutrients reduce the risks of heart attack, stroke.

Also, passion fruit is low in sodium. Studies have shown that sodium is a trigger for heart diseases.

Moreover, passion fruit is a great source of vitamin C and K. Both of these vitamins are beneficial for the reduction of cardiovascular diseases.

Liver health improvement

Passion fruit may also provide benefits for liver health. Vitamin K-rich fruit helps to reduce the risk of liver bleeding.

Also the vitamin A component of passion fruit helps to prevent fibrosis and cirrhosis. Vitamin A helps to control these two liver diseases by reducing scars in the liver.

Can passionfruit kick you out of ketosis?

Passion fruit is high in total carbs. As it is very low in net carbs a limited intake of passion fruit will not kick you out of ketosis.

However, the high sugar component of passion fruit may disrupt your ketosis level. This problem may occur for the high consumption of passion fruit.

Does passionfruit make you sleepy?

Yes, passionfruit has a sedative property that makes you sleepy after eating it. However, a limited intake of passion fruit will not make you sleepy.

Is it ok to eat passion fruit seeds?

Passion fruit seeds are edible and it is ok to eat. This seed is beneficial for blood sugar control. Thus, you can eat passion fruit seeds to prevent prediabetes.

Also, the seed is useful for heart disease reduction as it is low in sodium.

Final Thoughts

Passion fruits are low in net carbs and because of this, it is considered as keto. However, the fruit contains a very high level of sugar.

High sugar is not beneficial for our bodies. It may cause several diseases like heart disease, diabetes, skin problems, etc.

That’s why you should limit the consumption of passion fruit. So “Are passion fruit keto”? The perfect answer is a limited intake of passion fruits is keto.