Best Starbucks Drinks For Diabetics(Low Sugar Options)

Diabetics need to maintain their sugar intake level. It’s very important because consumption of high sugars can rapidly increase the blood sugar level which can be fatal.

Moreover, carb intake also plays an important role in blood glucose control. According to studies, a carb-restricted diet may have benefits over glycemic control in type 2 diabetics (1).

That’s why diabetic people who love Starbucks have to consider these two facts before ordering any drinks. But are there any keto Starbucks drinks for diabetics?

Yes, there are several low carbs and low-sugar drinks for diabetics are available in Starbucks. Moreover, a few sugar-free Starbucks drinks are also present on the Starbucks menu.

Starbucks Cold Drinks For Diabetics

People enjoy the chilled sensation of cold drinks a lot. Starbucks contains a lot of cold drinks suitable for diabetics. These drinks are low in both sugar and carbs which helps to maintain blood glucose levels.

These are divided into four categories i.e cold coffee, hot coffee, iced tea, and hot tea drink. Let’s discover the detailed list of low carb Starbucks drinks that do not cause harm to diabetics.

Best Coffee Drinks For Diabetics

The keto coffee at Starbucks are among the best iced brew option for diabetics. These cold brews contain either a little number of carbs and sugars or zero.

Diabetics can enjoy these iced coffees with Starbucks keto snacks. As both of these items are low in carbs and sugars, diabetics can consume coffee and snacks without risking the increase of blood sugar levels.

The Starbucks keto coffees are divided into two categories i.e hot coffee and iced coffee. First, check the top 3 Starbucks iced coffee options for diabetics.

Honey almond cold brew

This cold brew is prepared with fresh almond milk and coffee. Honey Syrup is added to this brew to make it delicious.

You will get only 6 grams of total carbs and 5 grams of sugar from this fat-free beverage. Moreover, with only 30 calories, it is low in calories also (2).

Starbucks reserve cold brew

The reserve cold brew at Starbucks is a perfect choice for diabetics. This zero carb and zero sugar coffee is probably the best alternative for diabetics who love Starbucks iced drinks.

Also, reserve cold brew contains only 5 calories (3). It is another added benefit of this diabetic-friendly Starbucks iced coffee.

Iced caffè americano

Iced coffee americano is a simple Starbucks iced brew. With only 2 grams of total carbs, this sugar-free coffee in Starbucks is an all-time favorite of people with diabetes.

Americano is one of the best low-carb Starbucks options to try at least once. One grande serving of this keto iced drink provides only 15 calories (4).

Now let’s discover the diabetic-friendly hot coffee drinks at Starbucks.

Caffee americano

Caffee americano is just the opposite of iced Caffee Americano. It is the hot version of a sugar-free Americano coffee drink.

Thus is prepared by mixing hot water with espresso shots. Normally, a grande serving contains 3 shots of espresso. However, you can ask the barista to adjust the shot count.

You will get only 2 grams of carbs and 15 calories from this fat free hot coffee (5). Moreover, Caffee Americano does not contain milk which is beneficial for people with lactose intolerance

Blonde roast

Are you looking for a diabetic-friendly carb free drink? Well, the blonde roast is among the best zero carb drinks at Starbucks.

This delicious lightly roasted hot coffee drink is both sugar and fat free also. That’s why this drink will not spike the blood sugar level of diabetic people.

One grande serving of blonde roast contains only 5 calories (6).

Espresso con panna

The creamy flavor of low-calorie Espresso Con Panna can be a good choice for diabetics at Starbucks. With added whipped cream this hot coffee drink tastes awesome.

Although Espresso Con Panna is free from sugar, it contains a little amount of fat i.e 2.5 grams. With only 2 grams of carbs and 35 calories, this hot Starbucks beverage can be a risk-free drink for diabetes patients.

One doppio of Espresso Con Panna contains two shots of espresso with whipped cream (7).


Low Carb & Sugar Tea Options in Starbucks

There are not only coffee drinks at Starbucks but teas are also available. The low carb chi tea Starbucks are very popular among diabetes patients. The majority of these teas are sugar and carb free.

Like coffee options, the teas at Starbucks are also divided into two categories i.e hot tea and cold tea. The best low carb and sugar restricted ones for diabetics are given below.

Let’s check the iced tea options first as iced drinks are more popular than hot ones.

Iced black tea

Iced black tea is a great zero calorie option for diabetics. This Starbucks cold tea is free from both sugar and carbs which makes you free from worrying about your insulin level.

Moreover, it does not contain milk. If you are lactose-intolerant this low-carb ketogenic tea is a great option to take a sip.

One serving of iced black tea provides 0 calories, 0 grams of total carbs, 0 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of fat (8).

Iced green tea

Green teas are well known throughout the world for their health benefits. The iced green tea of Starbucks is also not an exception.

This delicious tea is a mixture of green tea leaves, water, and ice. Iced green tea contains 0 calories which helps to avoid the caloric imbalance for diabetics.

Moreover, like iced black tea, this zero carb option is also sugar and fat free (9).

Iced passion tango tea

Iced passion tango tea is a zero-calorie drink from Starbucks. This morning refresher is prepared by blending hibiscus, lemongrass, and apple.

Moreover, it is zero in carbs, sugars, and fats also. All this trio combination is a great option for diabetics. The zero value of these nutrients prevents rising blood sugar levels.

One grande serving of iced passion tango tea provides 0 calories, 0 grams of carbs, and 0 grams of sugar (10).

Hence we have covered the iced tea options. Now let’s find the hot tea options for diabetics.

Chai tea

Zero calorie chai tea is a black tea with cinnamon and ginger mix. This sugar-free tasty hot tea can be a morning refresher for diabetics.

Also, chai tea is a great option for keto lovers, as it is free from carbs. So, if you are suffering from diabetes and following a keto diet, chai tea can be a perfect Starbucks hot drink for you.

One grande of chai tea contains 0 calories, 0 grams of carbs, 0 grams of fats, and 0 grams of sugar (11).

Earl grey tea

Earl grey tea is a strong hot tea from Starbucks for diabetics. This beverage contains a wonderful flavor because of its bergamot essence and lavender notes.

Like chai tea, diabetic-friendly earl grey tea is zero in nutrients i.e 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and fat free. To get more taste you can add toppings like cocoa powder or praline topping also.

You will get 0 calories, 0 grams of carbs, 0 grams of fats, and 0 grams of sugar from one grande serving of this delicious hot Starbucks drink (12).

Jade citrus mint brewed tea

Jade citrus mint brewed tea is the ultimate delicious tea drink for diabetics. It is free from sugar and carbs. Also, it does not contain any fat or fiber.

With green tea, lemon verbena, and lemongrass this hot tea can be a perfect evening refresher. It also contains a little spearmint to boost the taste.

One grande serving of this sugar-free and zero calories brewed tea provides 0 grams of carbs, and 0 grams of fats (13).

Is There Anything Sugar-Free at Starbucks?

If you think Starbucks does not contain sugar-free drinks, you are wrong. There are a few sugar-free drinks available at Starbucks in both the tea and coffee category.

The top 9 sugar-free options are:

  • Chai tea
  • Earl grey tea
  • Jade citrus mint brewed tea
  • Mint majesty
  • Peach tranquility
  • Blonde roast
  • Caffe americano
  • Decaf pike place roast
  • Espresso

Final Thoughts

People love Starbucks, but they often get confused about choosing diabetic-friendly drinks. As processed foods contain a high number of carbs and sugars, it’s difficult to find foods that contain a low number of these nutrients.

Both high carbs and sugar play an important role in increasing blood sugar levels. That’s why Starbucks drinks with low sugar and low carbs should be the best option for diabetics.

This diabetic-friendly menu contains a lot of tea and coffee drinks. However, dirty chai latte, an all-time Starbucks favorite is omitted due to its high sugar and carbs density.

FAQs of Best Starbucks Drinks For Diabetics

Can I Drink Starbucks If I Have Diabetes?

Although the majority of Starbucks drinks are high in sugar a few options contain a little sugar. Moreover, some options like chai tea, tango tea, green tea, blonde roast are free from sugar.

That’s why you can drink a selected number of options from Starbucks if you have diabetes. The only point to remember is that you should go for low-sugar options.

What Is The Best Sugar-Free Drink at Starbucks?

There is no best sugar-free drink at Starbucks. However, the best ones are which are zero calories. Zero calories mean these drinks are free from both carbs and sugar.

As both sugar and carbs affect insulin resistance, Starbucks drinks with zero sugar and carbs are the best for diabetics.

Does Starbucks Make Sugar-Free Frappuccino?

Frappuccinos are prepared using sugar-coated milk and creams. That’s why it’s impossible to get any sugar-free frappuccino at Starbucks.

So, it’s not practically possible to make a Starbucks frappuccino without sugar.