Lemon Water Side Effect(15 Examples)

Juicy lemons are well known for their health benefits. Lemon waters are used for centuries for their high nutrient profile.

But do you know about any single lemon water side effect? Well, it’s not single but there are several side effects of drinking uncontrolled lemon water.

Lemon Water Side Effect On Skin

Lemons are highly acidic. Mixing lemons with water or lemon water is a rich source of acids especially citric acid.

Citric acid can cause multiple skin problems like

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Rash
  • Burning

Moreover, if you have sensitive skin then citric acid-rich lemon water can do much harm to your skin.

Acid Reflux

The high citric acid component of lemon water may promote acid reflux or heartburn. Studies have shown that foods with high citric acid have a tendency to cause heartburn (1).

Also, several people have a tendency to drink lemon water in the morning with an empty stomach. This may promote acid reflux due to its ascorbic acid(vitamin C) rich component.

Ascorbic acid has high acidity like citric acid. According to studies ascorbic acid induce gastrointestinal side effect like heartburn when ingested on an empty stomach (2).

Kidney Problem

Surplus consumption of potassium-rich lemon water may create issues for kidney function. Studies have shown that intake of high dietary potassium has negative effects in patients with mildly impaired kidney function (3).

Furthermore, lemon is not excessive low-carb fruit but a little bit high in carbs. Due to this lemon water contains a little bit higher carbs. A high intake of dietary carbs is directly related to the occurrence of chronic kidney disease (4).

Also, lemon water is a great source of vitamin C which may cause kidney stones. According to studies, excess consumption of vitamin C can increase the risk of kidney stones (5).

Because of this, surplus consumption of lemon water may affect your kidney.

Lemon Water Side Effect On Tooth

Taking large amounts of lemon water may lead to plaque formation, tooth decay, and cavities. Because surplus consumption of lemon water will increase the intake of sucrose, fructose, and citric acid.

Lemon water is packed with citric acid and vitamin C. Moreover, it is a good source of sucrose and fructose. All of these affects tooth health.

The most common anti-tooth element is citric acid. Studies have shown that citric acid promotes enamel dissolution and decreases its harness a lot (6).

On the other hand, sucrose causes rapid dental decay. Furthermore, oral cavity bacterias use fructose as an energy source (7).

Also, regular intake of vitamin C rich lemon water can cause tooth surface loss. As studies have shown high consumption of vitamin C component cause significant tooth surface loss (8).

Additional Health Problems of Excess Lemon Water Consumption

Also, there are some other health disorders that may arise from uncontrolled lemon water drinking.

The high vitamin C of lemon water may cause several health problems. The most common side effects of excess vitamin C consumption are (9)

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Vomiting
  • Migraine
  • Dizziness
  • High uric acid
  • Acidic urine

Is It OK to Drink Lemon Water Before Urine Test?

Lemon water makes your urine alkaline. Moreover, the acids of lemon may irritate your bladder (10). Also, studies have shown that drinking citrus-based products lower urine volume and calcium component of urine (11).

All of these factors may affect the urine test report. That’s why it may not be a wise decision to drink lemon water before a urine test.

Does Drinking Lemon Water Make My Urine Darker?

Normal intake of lemon water does not change urine color. However, lemon water contains alkaline by-products which increase alkaline in urine. Also, surplus consumption of high acidic lemon water may boost urine’s ph level.

Normally acidic urine becomes darker yellow in color. That’s why drinking lemon water may make your urine darker.

Is Lemon Water Bad for You to Drink When You Have Been All Day Under The Sun?

No lemon water consumption side effects are not related to sunlight. It is only harmful if you directly apply lemon water to your skin during direct sunlight.

So, it’s ok to drink lemon water when you have been all day under the sun. However, excess intake may cause vomiting & headache which is not ok if you are exposed to hot sunlight.

Why No Wrinkle Reduction After Long Time Warm Lemon Water Drinking?

The Vitamin C component of lemon water is the main force behind wrinkle reduction. However, vitamin C can be destroyed in high heat (12).

Because of this, the wrinkle reduction effect may not be observed in boiled lemon water. It especially occurs when boiling is done on high heat.

Can Drinking of Warm Lemon Water  In The Morning Lower Your ALT Levels?

ALT or alanine aminotransferase test is a blood test to determine liver damage. According to studies, high consumption of lemon juice can lower the ALT level (13).

The bioactive ingredients of lemon are able to reduce the harm of alcohol consumption. As lemon water is a mixture of lemon juice and water, the nutrient values dropped down.

Furthermore, during boiling, the nutrient value of lemon water may reduce a bit more. That’s why drinking warm lemon water in the morning can reduce a little amount of ALT level.

Can Lemon Water Ruin A Temporary Filling of Your Tooth?

Lemon water contains a good amount of citric acid, vitamin C, sucrose, and fructose. Excess consumption of these nutrients has a negative effect on tooth health.

Because of this lemon water may ruin a temporary filling of your tooth. It is better to avoid lemon water during the initial phases of tooth filling.

Can Lemon Water Make You Bleed in Your Mouth?

Lemon is a diabetic-friendly fruit. and have benefits over gum health of diabetics. The same health benefits can be achieved by drinking lemon water.

Lemon water can not make you bleed in your mouth as it is a great source of vitamin C.

According to studies vitamin C consumption can reduce gingival bleeding or gum bleeding in patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes (14).

Furthermore, vitamin C is an active agent which prevents scurvy (15). Gum bleeding is the most common symptom of scurvy.

Is Lemon Water A Soup Or a Juice?

Lemon water is not a soup. It is consumed as juice. However, you can add green vegetables with lemon water to make a soup from it.

How to Make Lemon Water Without Pulp?

To make lemon water without pulp first squeeze the lemon to get the juice. After that pour the juice into fresh water and mix it well.

Finally to make lemon water pulp-free place a strainer above the bowl and pour the prepared lemon juice.

Is It Safe to Drink Lemon Water Cooked in Nonstick Pan?

Nonstick pans tend to react with acidic foods especially citric foods. As lemon is a citric fruit it is better to avoid nonstick pans during lemon water cooking.