Avocado Urine Color & Smell Facts

Avocado is probably the best keto safe fruit. This nutrient-dense fruit has several health benefits. The avocado benefits for face are well known to all of us.

Moreover, avocado is also known as the best keto fruit for diabetes because of its tiny sugar component.

Because of these benefits, people tend to eat a lot of avocados which promotes different shades of urine color. This symptom is commonly known as avocado urine color.

There are 14 common shades observed in the urine color chart. However, people after consumption of a lot of avocados may face 9 types of pee color (including urine color during ketosis).

Also, a few people observe a change in their pee smell after eating avocados. This is another disgusting situation when you are outside.

Here we will discuss the main reasons behind these avocado pee colors & smell. If you are facing any abnormality in your urine color after avocado eating, this guide will be helpful.

Avocado green urine

Herbicides are used to control the unwanted vegetation on farms. The same is applicable to avocado tree plantations.

Studies have shown if you eat herbicides, it causes green urine (1). Under some circumstances or by mistake these herbicides are spread over avocados.

Also, urine infection caused by Pseudomonas is responsible for green urine (2). Pseudomonas is a kind of germ that is found in soil and water.

That’s why if avocados are not properly washed you may get green urine.

Furthermore, avocado is a rich source of niacin. Excess eating of niacin-rich foods may damage our liver (3).

It may cause jaundice, which is another reason behind green pee. So if you are asking “can avocado cause green urine” the answer is yes avocado can cause green urine.

Avocado cloudy urine

Avocadoes are an excellent source of phosphorus. A large amount of phosphorus consumption damage our kidneys (4).

Pyuria may take place from a damaged kidney function. Research has shown that pyuria disease can cause cloudy urine (5).

Moreover, when phosphate crystals are mixed with alkaline urine it causes cloudy urine (6). So, if you are taking any phosphate supplement you may get cloudy urine.

Urinary tract infection is another reason behind cloudy urine (7). As we have already discussed improperly washed avocados may contain viruses that cause urinary tract infections.

So, in these circumstances avocado cloudy urine color symptoms occur.

Avocado yellow urine

Sometimes your pee color changed to bright yellow after eating avocadoes. This is also called avocado yellow urine.

Actually avocado contains riboflavin or vitamin B2. Studies have shown that vitamin B2 may change our urine color to bright yellow (8).

Although this may not be possible after eating 1 single avocado. It occurs from excess eating of avocado or other high riboflavin foods.

Avocado urine color red

The high phosphorus mineral of avocados may damage our kidneys. The damaged kidneys may lead to kidney infection.

Hematuria disease took place due to kidney infection (9). Blood exerts through our urine because of this infection.

That’s why red-colored urine is a common symptom of hematuria (10). That’s why surplus eating of phosphorus-rich avocado may cause red urine color.

Avocado urine color orange

Avocadoes are known for their high vitamin C component. Furthermore, avocadoes are a great source of vitamin A and β-carotene.

Vitamin A and β-carotene are linked to urine color change. Foods rich in these components may change the urine color to orange.

Also, studies have shown that vitamin C can trigger orange-colored urine (11).

Concluding all of these factors we can say that avocados are capable to promote orange urine color.

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Avocado urine color purple

Avocadoes are a good source of dietary tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps in protein biosynthesis.

According to scientific research, tryptophan may promote purple-colored urine (12).

This type of pee is also called avocado urine color purple. As avocado acts as a catalyst to create purple-colored urine.

Avocado urine color oily yellow

The Keto diet asks to eat high fat and low carb foods. Our liver uses this fat as fuel. During the procedure liver produces ketones.

The ketone production boosts day by day in this meal plan which finally leads to ketosis. Ketosis is a state when our blood contains an excessive amount of ketones.

One common identification of ketosis is urine color. If the ketosis urine color is oily yellow, you are in a ketosis state.

As avocado is a low-carb fruit it is considered on the keto fruit list. So, in this case, ketosis causes oily yellow, not only avocado but also other keto foods are responsible i.e.

Avocado urine color black

Avocado is chock-full of niacin or vitamin B3. Consumption of high niacin foods causes hepatotoxicity or liver damage (13).

Also, studies have shown that niacin can cause posthepatitic cirrhosis (14). It is a chronic liver disease.

Liver damage and cirrhosis may lead to elevated urobilinogen. As per research, this elevated urobilinogen is one of the reasons behind black urine color (15).

So, too much eating of high niacin avocados may cause black urine.

Avocado urine color dark brown

Our heart and skeletal muscles contain a small protein called myoglobin. It helps to bind the oxygen caused by kidney diseases.

Prolonged exposure to very cold weather, damage to kidney produces, hypoxic injury, and other issues cause myoglobinuria.

Myoglobinuria promotes abnormal myoglobin presence in urine. This leads to dark brown urine.

So, this reason is not directly related to avocado eating.

However, sometimes excess eating of avocado causes dark brown urine. It is due to the riboflavin vitamin of avocado.

Does Avocado Make Your Pee Smell?

No avocado does not make your pee smell. Avocado does not contain any ingredient which causes a urine smell.

However, it may be a side-effect of other foods taken with avocado. For example, if you drink too much coffee you may observe your pee smells like coffee.

Final Thoughts

Avocadoes change urine color in multiple ways. You may get a variety of urine colors from avocado-eating.

Green, red, bright yellow, black, cloudy, and purple are among the notable avocado urine color. Avocado also changes urine color to purple and dark brown.

However, the oily yellow color is not related to avocado. It occurs due to ketosis. During ketosis, our body releases excess ketones with urine which causes this color.

Furthermore, these elements change keto urine smell also. And there are some harmful reasons also behind the meaty odor of urine.