Is Lettuce Keto

Lettuce is a nutrient-dense green vegetable. Healthy lettuce is available in several variants. Among these four most common types of lettuce i.e romaine, butterhead, and iceberg are the most widely consumed.

But is lettuce keto? Among this lettuce which one is allowed on keto? Well, all romaine, butterhead, and iceberg lettuce are low in carbs and perfectly keto friendly.

Let’s check the low carb facts of each species.

Why Is Romaine Lettuce Keto?

Romaine lettuce contains 3.29 grams of carbs against 100 grams of serving. It also contains 2.1 grams of dietary fiber (1).

After omitting the dietary fiber, the net carbs of romaine lettuce becomes 1.19 grams only. That’s why ketogenic romaine lettuce is both low in total carbs and net carbs.

Why Is Iceberg Lettuce Keto?

Like romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce is also low in carbs. One 100 gram serving of iceberg lettuce provides 2.97 grams of carbs and 1.2 grams of dietary fiber (2).

The net carbs of iceberg lettuce, after subtracting the dietary fiber, comes down to 1.77 grams. This little amount of net carbs make iceberg lettuce or crisphead lettuce keto friendly.

Is Butterhead Lettuce Low Carb Like Other Variants?

Yes, butterhead lettuce is low carbs like iceberg and romaine lettuce. Moreover, butterhead variants contain less amount of total carbs and net carbs compared to the other two species.

One 100 gram sized butterhead lettuce contains 2.23 grams of carbs and 1.1 grams of dietary fiber. The net carbs of butterhead lettuce become 1.13 grams after deducting the dietary fiber amount (3).

Because of this, butterhead lettuce is the lowest carb among the keto approved most common types of lettuces.

What Lettuce Is Best For Keto?

The high nutrient components with low carb compared to other lettuces formula makes butterhead lettuce the best for keto.

Butterhead lettuce contains a high amount of protein, calcium, iron, and phosphorus than both iceberg and romaine lettuce. Moreover, butterhead lettuce is low in sugar also.

Furthermore, butterhead lettuce provides fewer calories than other variants. Which is another added benefit.

These essential nutrition facts give butterhead lettuce an edge over the other two. That’s why butterhead lettuce is a better option.

Is Lettuce Ok For Keto?

All three common species of lettuce are ok for keto. This trio contains less than 3 grams of net carbs against 100 gram serving size.

This tiny amount of net carbs help people to stay in ketosis for long period. Moreover, all romaine, butterhead, and iceberg lettuce contain similar nutrient profiles.

These nutrients provide a wide range of health benefits. The most important benefits of lettuce are(common for all i.e romaine, butterhead, and iceberg lettuce types)

High Fiber

Lettuce species contain a high amount of dietary fiber. High consumption of dietary fiber can reduce the risk of constipation by increasing stool bulk.

Moreover, dietary fiber has benefits over colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. Dietary fiber can reduce fasting blood sugar and HBA1C for type 2 diabetics (4, 5).

Good Source of Calcium

All kinds of popular lettuce variants are a good source of calcium. The calcium nutrient of lettuce can aid in several health benefits.

Adequate intake of calcium can:-

  • Reduce hypertension in pregnancy (6)
  • Decrease the risk of developing dental caries (7)
  • Lower blood pressure of offspring whose mother consumed high calcium (8).
  • Able to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and increase good cholesterol or HDL (9)
  • Reduce the risk of total fractures for both osteoporosis and subsequent fractures of both middle-aged and older adults. (10)

How To Store Lettuce?

Lettuce can sustain for 2-3 days in normal room temperature. However, by following proper storage the lifespan of lettuce can be increased to 7-9 days.

The most common factor of lettuce survival is moisture. To keep lettuce fresh for a long time you should follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Wrap the lettuce with a clean paper towel lightly
  • Place the wrapped lettuce in a vegetable bag
  • Place the bag in the refrigerator vegetable box

How to Eat Lettuce?

Lettuce can be eaten raw or cooked. It depends upon your choice. If you choose raw lettuce you will get a crispy buttery taste from your recipes.

Some common low carb lettuce dishes are:

  • Lettuce salad with tomato, spinach, onion, and lemon
  • Lettuce, blackberry, avocado juice
  • Ketogenic lettuce tomato bread with garlic paste
  • Sauteed lettuce with chicken and black pepper
  • Lettuce watermelon low carb smoothie