Is Kiwi Keto?

Fruits help to boost nutrient intake during low carb keto diet. Kiwi is one of the best fruit that contains a large amount of vitamin C.

This nutrient-dense fruit is on the higher side of carbs. Because of this kiwi lovers are scared to eat it on keto. But is kiwi keto? If yes, then how kiwi is keto?

We will cover all of the major aspects regarding the relationship between kiwi and low carb keto diet.

Is Kiwi Fruit Low Carb?

We love to eat kiwi fruit. It’s a great addition to our most delicious side dishes like kiwi smoothies, kiwi bread, kiwi pudding, etc. And there are two variations of kiwi i.e golden and green kiwi fruit.

The total amount of carbs differs in these two variations. Gold kiwi fruit is slightly higher side it contains 15.8 grams of carbs.

For the green kiwi, it is 14.7 grams. So, neither green nor gold kiwi fruit is low carb.

Net Carbs in Kiwi

Kiwi net carbs are the turning point that differentiates green and golden kiwi fruit. You will be surprised to know that high carb kiwi is low in net carbs.

Furthermore, the same applies to both green and golden kiwi fruit. Although golden kiwi fruit is high in total carbs, it is the winner for low net carbs in kiwi.

With 2.1 grams of net carbs, the golden kiwi fruit beats the green kiwi which contains 2.7 grams of net carbs.

Remember we have subtracted the total fiber and sugar during the net carbs calculation.

If you are more restrictive to net carbs calculation you can follow any of these widely used strict calculation rules.

  • Subtract only the fiber
  • Subtract total fiber with half of the sugar

Is Kiwi Keto Friendly?

Although green and golden kiwi is low in net carbs both of these are packed with sugar components like fructose and glucose. 

Studies have shown that fructose and glucose promote the rapid accumulation of glycogen(glucose polysaccharide) in the liver (1).

This glycogen generation is the exact opposite of the keto diet’s main motto. The Keto diet exhausts all of the glycogen storage first to force the liver the generation of ketones.

So foods rich in fructose and glucose may not be suitable for keto. However, a limited intake of these sugars is ok on keto. As kiwi is a little rich in fructose and glucose it is partially keto.

A limited intake of sugar-rich kiwi fruit is allowed in keto. So the answer to the question “is kiwi fruit keto friendly” is yes kiwi is keto-friendly only when consumed a little amount.

Can You Eat Kiwi On Keto?

Yes, you can eat kiwi on keto but the consumption should be little. Actually, kiwi is a powerhouse of sugar, especially fructose and glucose and contains very little amount of fiber.

So, kiwi is ok to eat with keto but the consumption amount matters. Also, two other questions are asked by keto lovers:

  • How many kiwis should I eat a day?
  • Is it OK to eat kiwi every day?
  • Is kiwi fruit high in sugar?

 Well, one wiki weighs approx 69 grams and you will get 6 grams of sugars and 2 grams of fiber from green kiwi and 8 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fiber from golden kiwi fruit.

Furthermore, the total carbs of single kiwi fruit(for both variants) is 10 grams. Considering, the fiber, sugar, and carbs it is wise to eat less than 1 kiwi fruit every day.

It will be a great choice if you eat half kiwis per day as it will limit the sugar and carbs which will help you to stay in ketosis. 

Can Kiwi Kick You Out of Ketosis?

Kiwi fruit is a rich source of glucose and fructose sugar which can create an abnormal amount of glycogen in your liver and may kick you out of ketosis.

However, a controlled intake of kiwi fruit is not dangerous at all. You can add the kiwi to your keto fruits list without breaking ketosis if you follow the prescribed daily level discussed earlier.

Kiwi Fruit Nutrition Facts(100 g serving size)

NutrientsGreen KiwiGolden Kiwi
Protein1.14 g1.02 g
Fat0.52 g0.28 g
Carbs14.7 g15.8 g
Fiber3 g1.4 g
Sugar9 g12.3 g

Final Thoughts

Both green and golden species of kiwi fruit are high in carbs. Also, these are full of glucose and fructose and contain a bare minimum amount of fiber.

Think twice before starting consumption of a lot of kiwi with your keto meal plan. To stay in ketosis you need to eat no more than half kiwi per day.