Best Vegetables For Acidity(6 Keto Approved Veggies)

If you are suffering from acidity and looking for a natural solution, you should eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables that are not rich in vitamin C can be consumed to reduce the risk of acidity or heartburn.

It’s because according to studies high acidic foods promote acidity. As vitamin C or ascorbic acid is highly acidic, it can trigger acidity (1). Moreover, green vegetables have another added benefit i.e low in fat which also lowers the occurrence of acidity.

Studies have shown that high-fat foods trigger cholecystokinin (CCK) hormone-releasing. This hormone can cause acid reflux by relaxing the lower esophageal sphincter (2).

Moreover, obesity also causes heartburn (3). Intake of foods high in saturated fat can increase the risk of obesity (4). On the other hand, the majority of vegetables contain a little amount of saturated fat, which indirectly aids in acidity control by halting obesity.

High fiber is another factor that reduces the risk of obesity (5). That’s why vegetables which are high in fiber can be beneficial for acidity control. Let’s check the list of vegetables that fulfills these criteria of acidity control.


With less than 1 gram of saturated fat and total fat against 100 gram of serving, arugula is a perfect vegetable for acidity control. Moreover, the same serving size contains a little amount of acidic vitamin C.

Furthermore, arugula contains a moderate amount of dietary fiber which helps to reduce the occurrence of acidity. That’s why arugula is a great choice for people with acidity. Also, the low in carbs makes arugula a keto-friendly nonacidic vegetable.


Like arugula, asparagus is a ketogenic vegetable to fight heartburn or acidity problems. This healthy vegetable is among the best low-carb high fiber foods. The high fiber nutrient keeps acidity at bay.

Moreover, asparagus contains very little vitamin C, total fat, and saturated fat compared to arugula. Because of these anti-acidity factors, you should include asparagus in your daily diet plan.

Bamboo Shoots

Low carb and keto friendly bamboo shoots are another powerful anti-acidic vegetable. Fiber-dense bamboo shoots can help you to get rid of acidic problems. Also, this healthy vegetable is low in the two most common acidic factors i.e total fat and saturated fat.

Furthermore, the tiny amount of vitamin C does not cause acidic issues and helps you to lead an acidity-free life.


If you are looking for a perfect low carb vegetable to eat without being affected by heartburn, carrot is the ultimate option. Keto carrots are high in dietary fiber, which aids in acidity control.

Moreover, the little amount of fatty acids and ascorbic acids(vitamin C) of carrot reduces the acidity risk by a couple of fold.


With almost zero fatty acids, celery is a good vegetable to counter acidic disorders. Also, it fulfills other criteria for acidity control, i.e low in vitamin C, and high in dietary fiber nutrients.

Moreover, celery is low in carbs. This carb-restricted formula makes celery a keto-friendly vegetable to counter acidity or heartburn.


Although cucumber contains less dietary fiber compared to the above-mentioned vegetables, it aligns with other non-acidic nutrient requirements. That means cucumber is low in vitamin C, total fat, and saturated fat.

This trio makes cucumber an anti-acidic vegetable. Also, keto-lovers may add cucumber to their diet list because of its low-carb formula.

Final Thoughts

People love the low-carb ketogenic diet. However, not all keto-friendly vegetables are good for acidity. It’s because the majority of keto vegetables are high in vitamin C which promotes acidity.

However, keto vegetables like cucumber, carrot, celery, bamboo shoots, arugula, and asparagus are low in vitamin C. Also, these are high in fiber with a little amount of total fat and saturated fat.

All of this healthy nutrient combination helps to reduce acidic problems. That’s why these are the best ketogenic vegetables to counter acidity or heartburn.