Are Nuts Good For Ketosis(Find Now!)

Among all kinds, low carb nuts make our ketogenic dishes delicious. These keto nuts are high in fats and good for maintaining ketosis levels.

So if you are asking the question are nuts good for ketosis, the answer is yes low carb and high fat nuts are good for ketosis.

So, Are Nuts Good for Ketosis?

Yes, the majority of keto diet nuts are a great option to continue ketosis. Before buying the best nuts for keto diet just you need to check its nutrient information.

Nuts like almond, peanut, walnut are a perfect addition to your keto diet. These are filled with healthy fats and also contain a few amounts of carbs and are good for ketosis.

All of these nuts are low in sugar and it is the main reason which reduces the net carbs in these nuts.

Are Nuts Keto Friendly?

The Keto diet asks to insert low carb and high fat foods in our meal plan. More than fifty percent of nuts fulfill this condition. That’s why these nuts are keto friendly.

However, some popular nuts like cashew and pistachios are carb rich and not keto friendly. You should not include these nuts in your keto plan.

Can Nuts Kick You Out of Ketosis?

High carb nuts like cashew and pistachios can kick you out of ketosis. If you want to stay in ketosis you should not exceed the daily cabs intake limit of 30 grams.

One cup or 123 grams of pistachios contains 33.5 grams of carbs compared to 36 grams of carbs from cashews (1, 2).

These levels are outside of keto-approved levels and can easily break your ketosis.

How Many Nuts Can I Eat on Keto?

Carbs count varies from nuts to nuts and because of this your daily consumption is different for each nut.

The majority of keto nuts weigh between 1 to 5 grams and you will get approx 1-3 grams of carbs from a single nut.

Considering the 30-gram carb recommendation of the keto diet and average nut weight we can say that you may eat 1 keto nut(any single type) per day.

What Are The Best Nuts to Eat on Keto?

Best keto nuts are those which contain fewer carbs with high fat. There is 9 such type of healthy keto nuts which are the best to eat on keto.

These are

  • Almond
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Peanut
  • Pecan
  • Pili Nuts
  • Pine Nuts
  • Walnuts

All of these low carb keto nuts are perfect to add to your ketogenic meal plan. If you want a detailed analysis of healthy keto nuts and seeds you should check the best nuts for keto.

What Nuts Have The Least Carbs?

Keto diet nuts are famous for their low carb formula. But what nuts have the least carbs? Here we will shortlist the keto diet nuts from least to highest carbs against 100 g serving size.

Pili Nuts: carbs 3.98 g, net carbs 3.98 g(3)

Brazil Nuts: carbs 11.7 g, fiber 7.5 g, sucrose 2.33 g, net carbs 3.1 g(4)

Pine Nuts: carbs 13.1 g, fiber 3.7 g, sucrose 3.45 g, net carbs 7.7 g(5)

Walnuts: carbs 13.7 g, fiber 6.7 g, sucrose 2.43 g, net carbs 5.8 g(6)

Macadamia Nuts: carbs 13.8 g, fiber 8.6 g, sucrose 4.43 g, net carbs 3 g(7)

Pecan: carbs 13.9 g, fiber 9.6 g, sucrose 3.9 g, net carbs 2.4 g(8)

Peanut: carbs 16.1 g, fiber 8.5 g, sucrose 4 g, net carbs 5.6 g(9)

Hazelnuts: carbs 16.7 g, fiber 9.7 g, sucrose 4.2 g, net carbs 4.9 g(10)

Almond: carbs 21.6 g, fiber 12.5 g, sucrose 3.95 g, net carbs 7.1 g (11)

As sucrose is a complex sugar during digestion it breaks into glucose and fructose. The glucose portion absorbs fast but the fructose portion takes time and the majority of times it is converted to fat.

Because of this, we have deducted the fructose portion during the calculation of net carbs.

Are Nuts Bad for Keto?

No limited intake of low carb and high fat nuts is not bad for keto. You only need to maintain the daily intake and avoid non-keto nuts.

Remember keto friendly nuts have one thing in common i.e low in carbs. You can add nuts on keto if they fulfill these criteria.

What Are The Worst Nuts to Eat?

Cashew and pistachios are the two worst nuts to eat on keto. Both of these are the powerhouse of carbs and can kick you out of ketosis.

Final Thoughts

Low carb nuts are allowed on keto. Nuts like almond, brazil, walnut, macadamia are healthy nuts for the keto diet.

These are the best nuts to eat on keto. However, not all nuts are ketogenic diet nuts. Cashew and pistachios are not considered keto friendly nuts.

Both of these high carb nuts can kick you out of ketosis within a short period of time. Remember a controlled intake of the best keto nuts will help you to stay in ketosis.

Also, you should include keto vegetables and low carb fruits in your diet plan to make it perfect.